I would love to help you out with all your pet needs. Be it traditional pet sitting in your home, dog walking, or feeding your pets whilst you are away - to taking your pets on an adventure, short term pet sitting or keeping your pets entertained during the day.

If you don't believe your pet needs fit into one of the categories below, let me know and I can put together a special package just for you!

Pet Sitting
When I pet sit in your home, I look after your house as much as I look after your pet. On top of feeding, walking and showering your pet with affection, I also put your bins out and bring them back in, bring in your mail, and generally make your home look occupied.
Price: $40 per day
Dog Walking
If you feel like your dog isn't getting enough exercise or has a bit of cabin fever, Furbabycare would love to take them out for a walk, run, or doggy adventure.
We can go for a walk or a run from your place, or I can pick up your dog and take them out for an adventure to a dog park, a reserve, the beach, or for a swim.
30 minute walk or run $20
60 minute walk or run $30
90 minute+ adventure time $40
Pet Visits
If you are away, or just can't make it home in time for pet dinners, pet visiting is for you. I can pop around to your place, feed your pets, take them for a walk or a run, clean up after them, and just spend some quality time showering them with affection.
$20 for one visit per day
(approx 30 mins - cats only)
$30 for on visit per day
(approx 1 hour)
$40 for two visits per day
(approx 1 hour per visit)
Customised Plan
If you have any other pet needs, I can easily create a customised plan for you.