This is the time of year that we like to wait until it gets dark and cooler to take our furbabies out for a walk. Keep yourself and your pet’s safe (and cool) with an LED collar and lead during your nightly walks.


These collars and leads come in light blue, pink, green, and black (white light). The collars also come in sizes small, medium and large.


Product features:

  • Three light settings that will give cars and other pedestrians great visibility of you from a distance:
    • A standard block light;
    • A slow speed flashing light;
    • A medium speed flashing light.
  • The LED collars are adjustable, and come in three sizes:
    • Small: 32 – 38cm;
    • Medium: 36 – 46cm;
    • Large: 42 – 51cm.
  • Both the collars and leads are 2cm wide;
  • The leads are 125cm long;
  • Made from nylon - a strong and durable material;
  • Powered by two CR2016 button batteries. Your lead and collar will come with these batteries. However, they are easily changed;
  • The leads and collars can be hand washed – once you have removed the battery box.

LED collar & lead