These beautiful doggy raincoats are an essential for your dog! They will stop that terrible wet dog smell after you have been forced to take them out in the rain, or if you get stuck in a downpour while on a camping trip.


These raincoats include the following features:

  • Hood to cover your dog’s head, with a drawstring to tighten the hood to ensure it doesn’t slip off;
  • Two reflective bands to ensure your dog can be seen at night – one across your dog’s back, and the other across your dog’s chest;
  • A belt to fasten the raincoat. This belt goes under your dog’s chest, through a buckle, then fastens up with velcro;
  • A space at the neck of the raincoat for your dog’s lead;
  • A pocket on your dog’s back for their poo bags.

Dog Raincoat